Spill Containment Scales

More Support for Distributors

In an effort to provide more support to our distributors, Scaletron Industries has developed a video designed to present its complete line of spill containment scales in a professional, market leading manner.

Innovative Designs

The video details how Scaletron’s patented design features load cells that are completely sealed in the scale base UNDER the containment basin and out of contact with corrosive chemicals. Other designs on the market have the load cells and wiring IN the spill containment tank where they are fully exposed to even the slightest spill or splash from the corrosive chemical being monitored. Just one spill can cause the load cells and wiring to corrode requiring expensive maintenance and replacement of the load cells.

Also, unlike our competitor’s scales, Scaletron’s scales weigh both dispensed AND spilled chemicals which prevents over/under dosing.

Unique Advantages

In addition, the video highlights the unique advantages of Scaletron’s Model 4042™ Spill Containment Scales that are unmatched by our competitors including:

Increased Reliability
Improved Accuracy
Lower Costs
Multiple Sizes

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